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All epic wine moments can include Rosé If you’re celebrating but unable to reach out to a winery near you, you can do so raising a glass to Cyprus grapes and winemaking. Makes it special on this Wine Tourism Day, make it local, make it…

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18 Sep / Cyprus rosé

Maratheftiko Eros, for a never ending summer Wish no longer, have it your way; for an all-seasons rosé, is at your reach – Ezousa Eros

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Xynisteri, versatile grape for modern tastes The white grape variety cultivated for centuries in Cyprus Xynisteri is now cherished and cared for emerging winemakers adapted to modern tastes. In Zypern eine neue, initiative und im Ausland ausgebildete Winzergeneration die Krise als Chance und begann, kompromisslos auf…

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Ezousa  Maratheftiko, among the top ten wines made in Cyprus The 2015 Wine Competition held last month in Limassol, generously presented Ezousa with valuable and esteemed rewards. Among the most appreciated results, is the overall recognition towards our varietal wines made with Maratheftiko and Xynisteri. These rewards are especially valuable to…

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